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Color, Art and Color Deficiency

Color deficiency in children may not be detected at an early age. In fact, many children do not know they are color blind until they are well into adulthood.

We found out my son had a color deficiency when he was in kindergarten. I have the opportunity to help him overcome whatever challenges he may come across and give him the confidence to know he will be successful in his achievements.

Color Blindness and Research

Color blindness symptoms vary from person to person. Simply, color blindness is the inability to see certain colors. Some have trouble seeing colors and the brightness of colors. Others may not be able to tell the difference between the shades of the same or similar colors.

The more information you have about the types of color deficiencies the easier your job will be with helping your child learn to live with this on an everyday basis.

This web site will share as much information as possible to make it easier for you to understand this deficiency. The more information you have, the easier it will be to help.

The Color Wheel

With every blink of our eyes and in every detail of our life we see and use colors. I found a new world of color with my research on color deficiency. The color wheel is a great tool for learning how to mix colors and all the variations of colors you can make.

I incorporate the use of color in many of our activities. We are having more fun since I began to use colors whenever I can whether we are playing games at home, on vacation, at the beach or on a field trip.

Using Arts and Crafts

We love to do arts and crafts. Whether we are using markers, crayons, or household items we laugh and have a great time. With three active boys, we spend a lot of time outdoors and at the beach. They are all nature lovers and are always bringing home shells and rocks from the beach which we use for some of our projects.

Visit often as we are always adding new projects. Many of our projects are versatile so that you can improvise to make your project unique.

Share The Art Project

Please share your art projects with us. Children are so proud of their work. When you share it with us we will put it our Collage Gallery.

Email us at with the information about the work you are submitting and remember to attach the picture.

My Book

I have written a book for children that all toddlers through pre-schoolers will enjoy. My goal was to create a fun book that would teach children shapes and primary colors.

A Rainbow of Shapes, Learn Shapes and Colors brings color to life. Give the gift of reading to a child. Read with them and teach them shapes and colors with this fun book.

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Color Wheel

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