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Winter Holiday Crafts

Winter holiday crafts are fun. There's snowflakes and snowmen and lots of other fun ideas. With a little imagination and a few supplies the kids will be kept busy making winter holiday crafts especially when they are home from school on snow days.


An easy craft project is snowflakes. We can decorate with these all winter and the kids can have fun creating their own shapes every other weekend. Keep changing your window display adding the new snowflakes.

Supplies Needed for Snowflakes
#1. Plain white paper, construction paper or white coffee filters
#2. Scissors
#3. crayons, glitter, paint, markers to decorate (optional)
#4. Double sided tape or yarn/string

instructions #1. Cut out circles approximately 4 to 6 inches. Fold each circle in half 3 times which will give you a triangle shape.
#2. Make small cutouts on the 3 sides of the triangle shape. Unravel to see your design. You can refold and make additional cuts if necessary.
#3. You can color, paint, or add glitter to your snowflakes. Or just hang them in your windows as is.


snowman with cotton balls I don't know which craft is more fun, the snowflakes or making snowmen. What can be more fun than making snowmen inside and stying dry.

You are only limited by your imagination when making snowmen. But to help you along, here are some helpful hints.

You can use cotton balls and glue and create your snowman by gluing the cotton onto construction paper. Use markers or foamies for the eyes and buttons. Cut out squares for the hat and glue it onto the top cotton ball.

Download the FREE snowman template for your snowman crafts.

Share The Art Project

Please share your art projects with us. Children are so proud of their work. When you share it with us we will put it our Collage Gallery. Email us at with the information about the work you are submitting and remember to attach the picture.

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