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Download the new interactive APP for my book, Rainbow of Shapes, which is now available in iTunes


"A Rainbow of Shapes Learn Shapes and Colors"

is the title of my book that is available to purchase online. This is a colorful book every toddler will enjoy and is a terrific gift.

rainbow of shapes book cover

Color is Everywhere

Color is an important part of early childhood education.

For those children who have a color deficiency it is important their coloring experiences are positive and we encourage them to be creative.

My book brings color to life. It teaches children basic shapes and primary colors. This book is for all young toddlers through their pre-K years. Sharing this book with school libraries is one of the ways I feel I can help both parents and children.

You can now Download free coloring pages for the children. It's fun to have them color the shapes while you read the book to them. The download links are in the right column for your convenience.

St. Andrews Cooperative Nursery School
Victorian High Tea

I recently had the pleasure of being a keynote speaker at St. Andrew's Cooperative Nursery School's Victorian High Tea. It couldn't have been a more perfect day for High Tea.

St. Andrew's event

I would like to thank all the members of the cooperataive and the director of St. Andrew's Cooperative Nursery School, Ms. Tina Rivera. I was honored to be part of this wonderful event and have the opportunity to share my experiences that led to the creation of and A Rainbow of Shapes Learn Shapes and Colors.

St. Andrew's event

Book Signing Highlights

book reading
book reading

Order Your Copy of A Rainbow of Shapes

Give the gift of reading to a child. Read with them and teach them shapes and colors with this fun book. Order the book by using PayPal. When you place your order through PayPal you will also receive a free gift. Just send us an email with your PayPal confirmation number and we will include a free gift with your book order.

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Purchase A Rainbow of Shapes Learn Shapes and Colors today.

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Download the new interactive APP for Rainbow of Shapes now available in iTunes.
A Rainbow of Shapes

Read with your kids and teach them colors and shapes.

Order today to receive your copy of
A Rainbow of Shapes.

It's the perfect gift for baby showers, new baby gift, and toddler birthday gifts.

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