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Pinwheel How-To Insructions

patriotic pinwheel
Pinwheels are fun and entertaining for children of all ages.

When a craft is this easy you can make them for any party theme, every holiday and, of course, just for fun.

Use pinwheels as place settings for a casual meal or theme party.

When you are planning a party choose coordinating color paper to match the theme. Add glitter, stickers, ribbons, or any other decorations to "glam" up the pinwheels.

Pinwheel Supplies and Instructions

A few basic supplies are all you need to make a pinwheel.

pinwheel supplies

    • Scissor
    • pencil
    • eraser
    • paper fasteners or brads
    • glue dots
    • ruler
    • cardstock or construction paper
    • hole-punch

    Scrapbook paper is versatile and colorful and the smaller scrapbook papers do not have to be cut.

    As a craft project with kids you can use construction paper. The kids can create their own designs on the paper before you cut the squares to the desired size.

    If you are making pinwheels for a theme party choose the colors you will need and download our template to cut out the squares.

    Fold, Cut and Create A Pinwheel

    1. Fold the paper in half to make a triangle
    2. Open the triangle and fold in the opposite direction to make another triangle (fig.1)
    3. Cut along the fold only halfway to the center (fig. 2)
    4. pinwheel how to instructions
    5. Open the triangle and fold over the opposite direction and cut on the fold only halway to the center
    6. Place glue dots on every other point (this will hold the points in place as you work)
    7. Fold over every other point toward the center to stick onto the glue dots.
    8. Prepare the eraser by pushing the fastener ends into the eraser, then remove the fastener
    9. pinwheel how to
    10. Next place the paper fastener or brad in the center of the pinwheel where the points meet
    11. Put the fastener ends into the prepared eraser then fold over the ends of the fastener around the eraser

    Share The Art Project

    Color is an important part of our lives. Our mission is to share the creative works of our children. They are so proud of their work and we want them to know that we too are proud of what they have created.

    When you share it with us we will be honored to showcase it in our Collage Gallery.

    Email us with the information about the work you are submitting. Include the child's first name, age, state, and if possible, a title of the picture -- and please remember to upload a photo of the artwork to the email before you hit "send".

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