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Haunted House for Halloween

When I decorate for halloween I always include a haunted house. It's perfect with ghosts and bats and dangling spiders.

This tutorial for our haunted house is easy to follow and can be done at home on a rainy day or in the classroom.

haunted houseWhen you have assembled the house you can add ghosts, bats and spiders. Use our templates and make as many as you like to add to the decorations.

To make the haunted tree, use a brown paper bag, cut it open and lay it flat, cut random strips toward the center.

Gather the bag in the middle and twist to form the trunk, then twist each strip to form the branches.

Materials Needed

haunted house
  • 3 empty quart milk cartons for each house
  • clear wide (approx. 1 1/2") packing tape
  • scissors
  • white craft glue
  • 3 sheets paper towels
  • paint brush
  • black acrylic craft paint
  • small squares cut from orange and purple construction paper or card stock
  • markers or glitter glue
  • ghosts, bats, pumpkin cut-outs (optional)

  • Instructions

    #1. First cut out the plastic spout from the container using a sharp scissor to cut it out and discard it. Prepare the 3 milk cartons by taping them together in random heights.

    Next lay the taped cartons on its side and cut off the bottoms so all three containers are the same length at the bottom. Place the cut off bottoms back into the bottom of the open container (this will give the containers stability to stand level).

    Tear up the paper towel and glue onto the container. This will give the house it's texture and allow the paint to adhere to the wax carton.

    #2. When the glue and paper towels is dry use black paint to cover the entire house. I used one coat, but you can use as many coats as you like.

    haunted house preparation #3. Make the Haunted Tree by cutting open a brown paper bag so you have a rectangle or square (depending on the size of the bag). Cut 1 1/2" wide strips about three-quarters toward the center. This should leave a center that you can twist into a tree trunk.

    Next twist each strip to form the branches (see photo at right). Attach the paper bag tree to the back of the haunted house with hot glue.

    #4. Cut uneven square and rectangle shapes for the windows and doors. Glue them on to the containers. Decorate the windows and doors with markers or glitter glue.

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