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Groovy Octopus

Groovy octopus is one of those projects you can do with a group of boys and/or girls starting from ages 7 or 8 and older. If you have a scout troop or need an activity for a party this is one you can try.

You can purchase the supplies in the dollar stores which makes this craft very inexpensive.

You can use any leftover yarn you have. Or you can purchase a specific color yarn to follow a theme or holiday event.

Supply List

• Styrofoam ball (approx. 2 inch ball)
• Scissors
• Yarn ( any color)
• Tacky glue
• Wiggly eyes


A. Take the yarn and wrap it around your arm about 10 to 12 inches long and in width.

B. Remove the yarn from your arm and cut in the middle, then do 1 more around the arm and cut that one also.

yarn craft octopus

C. Then place the ball at the top of the yarn and section all yarn around the ball covering the ball the best you can.

D. Now tie a string around the yarn at the base of the Styrofoam ball nice and tight.

E. Now divide the yarn into eight sections for the legs and braid each section, trying to divide the yarn evenly. You can tie a ribbon or use a short length of the yarn at the end of each braid to keep is secure.

F. Last you will need glue to attach the google eyes, and place them on the head.

G. You are all done.

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