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Books Make Wonderful Gifts

Giving books to children is a great way for parents to interact and enjoy quality time with their kids. For the younger set, it's never to early to begin reading to them.

My book, Rainbow of Shapes Learn Shapes and Colors, is for all toddlers through pre-schoolers.

It's a fun way to learn shapes and colors, and also helps children with color deficiencies, by using the primary colors of the rainbow on a "fun" house of shapes.

Rainbow of Shapes Book Cover
A Rainbow of Shapes Learn Shapes and Colors

Order now to receive your copy.

It's the perfect gift for baby showers, new baby gift, and for toddler gifts.

Birthday Party Invitations and Thank You Cards

We have a selection of coordinated birthday invitations and thank you cards. They are custom designed and coordinate with A Rainbow of Shapes.

8 Birthday Invitations with Envelopes $7.99

8 Note Cards with Envelopes $7.99

Share The Art Project

Children are so proud of their work. When you share it with us we will be honored to showcase it in our Collage Gallery.

Email us with the information about the work you are submitting. Include the child's first name, age, state, and if possible, a title of the picture -- and please remember to upload a photo of the artwork to the email before you hit "send".

Visit the Art Gallery to see the art work that has been sent to us. We look forward to receiving your art work.

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Rainbow of Shapes Learn Shapes and Colors

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