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Craft Parties

Craft parties are always fun and they are for all ages - Children to Adults. Get together with a group of friends for an inexpensive evening of fun and creativity.

It's a great way to make gifts that can be personalized; or make holiday decorations. If you are planning a party you can make the decorations or party favors for your summer bbq, baby or bridal shower, and all the birthday's you celebrate throughout the year.

The best part about craft parties is that everyone can do crafting. So for those who say 'oh, I'm not artistic', let them know it's easy and no special talent is required. The only tools needed are what is required to put the craft together.

Everyone is invited!

Children's Birthday Craft Party

This a fun afternoon for the kids to make a craft to take home. It's an affordable birthday party and everyone will take home a special party favor -- it's more personalized than taking the kids to an off-site party location. Everytime the kids look at the craft they made they will always remember the fun they had at your party.

Children ages 4 to tweens will enjoy being creative. This is a non-intimidating experience that every child will enjoy.

The crafts are always age appropriate and some crafts can be personalized.

When we are putting together our crafts, we do our best to consider our environment by including a household item that we re-use or re-purpose whenever possible. It's a way to teach the children to recycle and also to be imaginative.

Packaged Party Crafts:

Denim Bracelets
Duct Tape Clutches
Message Boards
Picture Frames
T-Shirt Totes
Wind Chimes

Contact Us

For more detailed information email us with your questions. We will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information you will need to host a successful craft party.

Share The Art Project

Please share your art projects with us. Children are so proud of their work. When you share it with us we will be honored to showcase it in our Collage Gallery.

Email us with the information about the work you are submitting. Include the child's first name, age, state, and if possible, a title of the picture -- and please remember to upload a photo of the artwork to the email before you hit "send".

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