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Candy Corn Picture Frame

Candy corn is one of the most popular candy during the harvest season. We've had a lot of requests for crafts using candy corn and this picture frame craft is one of the most popular.

Place a picture of your favorite ghost or goblin trick or treater into the frame you made and send it to your loved ones who live out of town. This is a great keepsake.

Supplies Needed

candy corn picture frame
  • wooden picture frame
  • candy corn
  • hot glue gun or white craft glue
  • foam paint brush if using white craft glue
  • protective finishing spray
  • Picture of your favorite trick or treater
  • Directions

  • Lay out the candy corn pieces on the frame to set up your design.
  • If using hot glue gun, carefully hot glue either the corn or the frame and add the candy corn pieces continuing until you cover the frame as desired.
  • If using white craft glue dot the glue along the frame and add the candy corn pieces. This will take a while longer than the hot glue as the craft glue takes longer to dry. You should take care not to move the candy while the glue is drying.
  • After the candy corn is permanently dry you can use a protective sealer to seal the candy corn which will give the frame a long shelf life.
  • Add your favorite Halloween photo to the frame.

    Party Favor

    If you are having a special Halloween Party and would like to give your guests a momento this is a great idea. Planning ahead will make this an easy project. You can purchase the 3"x3" frame which is relatively inexpensive at your local craft store.

    The total time to complete this size frame using hot glue will take no more than 15 minutes -- if you are making several they will take even less time as you get into a rhythm.

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