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This About Us page speaks to the purpose of this site. My mission is to bring this web site to life with color and arts and crafts to help every parent and child communicate, teach and have fun together.

By using color and art we can make a difference in every child's life, whether or not they have challenges.

Color Deficiency

This story is about us and how color deficiency affected our family. My husband and I learned our son was color deficient when he was in kindergarten. Needless to say we were very upset and wondered how could this be. We really didn't notice anything unusual and his learning progressed in line, and in some areas above average, with all the growth charts.

In preschool he did very well, though I used to wonder why he would confuse his colors. The teachers would tell me it is common for boys to learn their colors later than girls. I seriously thought that explanation was valid and I wasn't concerned at the time. When he started kindergarten the school nurse contacted me and told me that my son is color deficient.

This news was devastating, however I was focused on the fact that he was otherwise healthy, he just didn't see colors. All I needed to do was to figure out how I could help him. Color blindness is not curable, but some learning strategies will make a child’s life easier.

While he was still in kindergarten, I taught him to read the names of the colors on each crayon. Here was a 4 year-old who can read every color in a box of 16 crayons. I was amazed at how fast he learned this. My concern was to keep him from being upset in class if the teacher instructed them to use a specific color and he didn't know which one to choose.

Getting dressed for school can be quite challenging. I noticed that he would wear an orange shirt and green shorts - not exactly a fashion statement. But as a boy it wasn't a big deal to mis-match. I did want to spare him from confusion and stress when dressing so I only buy shirts in navy blue, yellow and sometimes red. Pants are either black or denim so he can choose to wear any combination and he will always match.

My job as a parent is very rewarding and now I feel even more fulfilled knowing that I am here to help my son with his deficiency. I remember as a child my parents would say think before you speak. Now I do that before I say to my son isn’t that a colorful picture. I will say "hey Daniel what colors do you see?"

New Book Teaches Shapes and Colors

My son's color deficiency inspired and motivated me to find a way to help children with color deficiency. There is not much (if any at all) in the way of special help in the education system. My determination to help my son and other children led me to write a fun and colorful book.

This book is for all toddlers through pre-K to help them learn colors using the primary colors of the rainbow on a "fun" house of shapes. You will enjoy reading this book with your kids and grandkids.

Visit our Rainbow Book page for more information.

Share The Art Project

Children are so proud of their work and when you share it with us we will be honored to showcase it in our Collage Gallery.

Send us an email with the information about the work you are submitting. Include the child's first name, age, state, and if possible, a title of the picture -- and please remember to upload a photo of the artwork to the email before you hit "send".

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Download the new interactive APP for Rainbow of Shapes now available in iTunes.

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